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Electrosurgical Generator Calibration

Electrosurgical units (ESU) are used at hospitals and medical clinics to cut tissue and control bleeding by causing coagulation through the use of a high frequency electrical current. Frequent calibration of ESUs is of utmost importance to ensure patient safety. Using our Fluke Electrosurgical Analyzer, we are able to precisely calibrate most modern high-powered Electrosurgical Units.

Complete electrosurgical testing and preventive maintenance for ESU devices

  • Precise measurement of power, current, peak-to-peak voltage and crest factor

  • Power distribution test

  • RF leakage current test

  • Return electrode control quality monitoring test (RECQM)

  • In lab or on site service options

  • Commercial and ISO 17025 accredited calibration service options

Watch our video on Electrosurgical Generator Calibration

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